Lizzie Cundy dumped boyfriend 'after his alleged affair with ex's daughter'

Lizzie Cundy claims she dumped her boyfriend because he had an affair with his ex-partner's daughter.

The TV personality had called time on her 10-month romance with nightclub boss Jeremy Gordeno after he allegedly cheated on her with his former flame, Candice Hodge's 21-year-old daughter, Francesca Hodge.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, she said: "I'm totally horrified - there's something like 32 years between them. It's like she's going out with her granddad. I can't believe he's been going behind my back all this time."

She ended their relationship after seeing photos of Francesca sitting on his lap, and Jeremy's former fiancee Candice - who was devastated when she discovered he was with Lizzie after he broke off their engagement - also opened up on his alleged affair with her daughter, admitting it made her feel "physically sick".

She added: "It's heartbreaking. When I found out Jeremy is seeing my daughter Francesca I was physically sick. It is disgusting."

Meanwhile, in a recent statement Jeremy suggested his split from Lizzie was due to their life in the spotlight as he said their romance had been "under huge strain".

He previously said: "I will always be very fond of Lizzie, but events outside our control put our relationship under huge strain. I have come to realise it's best we stay just friends.

"The last few months have been like a soap opera. Lizzie and I have been the innocent victim of some wild and false accusations. Life with Lizzie is tremendous fun...

"We got on really well from the word go. We didn't stop laughing for weeks. Our friend told Lizzie before we met, 'Jeremy will cheer you up' and I hope I did.

"She's not only beautiful but great company. Lizzie's a super girl who is loads of fun. I wish her all the best for the future and hope we can stay good pals."