Lizzo posts meditation videos to calm fans amid coronavirus spread

Lizzo is posting meditation videos on social media to "promote healing" following the outbreak of coronavirus.

The 31-year-old singer took to Instagram on Friday (13.03.20) to share a 30-minute video of herself going through a "meditation and mantra" aimed at helping her followers relax and find peace, amid the widespread panic that has erupted following the spread of the flu-like virus, also known as COVID-19.

She captioned the clip: "A meditation and mantra to promote healing during this global crisis. Use at your own pace. Love you!"

In the video, the 'Juice' hitmaker speaks to her followers and plays the flute, whilst a range of crystals are displayed in front of her.

She said: "There's the disease, and then there's the fear of the disease. Fear can spread so much hatred and negative energy.

"I wanted to empower everyone and let you all know, you have power. We all have power. You have power to eliminate fear. We have the power to reduce the fear that is being heightened."

Lizzo went on to talk her followers through the meditation process, in the hopes they can be "connected" to one another.

She added: "This is a very serious pandemic. This is a very serious thing that we're all experiencing together. Whether it's a good thing or a tragic thing - the one thing we will always have is togetherness. We'll always be connected on this planet.

"I wanted to take the time today to do a mass meditation. Thirty minutes of your time. We're going to come together and take deep breaths. We're going to join in agreement and try to eliminate the fear as much as we can while we work together during this trying time."

As of Friday, there are over 140,000 cases of COVID-19 across the globe, and more than 5,000 have lost their lives to the virus.