Lizzo says she was 'addressing everybody' in her VMA speech about body shaming

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Lizzo says she was “addressing everybody” in her VMA speech about body shaming.
The ‘About Damn Time’ hitmaker was talking to the whole world when she spoke about recent criticism about her body when she picked up the award for the Video for Good category on Sunday night (28.08.22).
The 34-year-old rapper tweeted: "Lemme make one thing VERY clear— I wasn't addressing anybody in my speech last night.. I was addressing EVERYBODY {three red lips emojis]”
While she scooped up the gong, Lizzo thanked her fans for "supporting me and loving on me".
"And now, for bitches that got something to say about me in the press,” referencing rapper Nicki Minaj’s on-stage clapback at Miley Cyrus in 2105.
She added: "You know what? I'm not going to say nothing.
"They be like, 'Lizzo why don't you clap back? Why don't you clap back?' 'Cause, bitch, I'm winning. Big bitch is winning, ho! Best revenge is your paper, bitch!"
The ‘Juice’ hitmaker shared a clip of her speech on Twitter, adding "[face yelling emoji] KEEP MY NAME IN YO MOUF CUS I KNOW IT TASTE GOOD BITCH [gold trophy emoji]"
There was speculation that Lizzo was directly speaking to the comic Aries Spears, who made a joke at her expense during an interview.
He said: "I can't get past the fact that she looks like the s*** emoji. "She's got a very pretty face, but she keeps showing her body off. Like, come on, you?"
Aries added that he’s not “"the most in shape” but argued he was "funny, has swagger and confidence, and is at least decent looking" enough to get attention from women.
He said: "I think I'm at least handsome," saying "A woman that's built like a plate of mashed potatoes is in trouble."
Aries also critiqued the “hypocrisy” of women who talk about self-acceptance and “sisterhood” but don’t mention health issues like “diabetes” and “heart problems”.
Aries said: "Y'all will jump on me for making jokes but y'all won't f***ing be real and go, 'Sister, put the éclair down. This ain't it. It's treadmill time.' "