Logan Paul Walked Out Of 'Oppenheimer' Because 'Everyone's Just Talking'

Logan Paul proved his courage by boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather in 2021, but has just tested his mettle once again by admitting that he walked out of “Oppenheimer” — because “everyone’s just talking” in the historical thriller and “nothing happens.”

“I walked out of ‘Oppenheimer,’” said Paul in a recent clip from his “Impaulsive” podcast that went viral. “Separately, 18 minutes into ‘Interstellar’ and I was considering walking out ‘cause it was so slow, and now ‘Interstellar’ is in my top three favorite movies.”

“I didn’t know what they were trying to — what are you doing?” Paul continued in his partial review of the film, which chronicles the titular physicist’s effort to develop the first atomic bomb. “Everyone’s just talking. It’s just an hour and a half, 90 minutes, it’s all exposition, just talking, just talking, talking. It’s all exposition, nothing happens.”

To his credit, right before he brought up “Oppenheimer,” Paul conceded, “My attention span is horrible.” He admitted as much after his co-host said he showed Paul “No Country for Old Men” and realized the newfound boxer “has a 42-second attention span.”

“And by the way, after the fact, when it was done, I realized what you were doing,” said Paul in his defense. “Those first 20 minutes are really important for building the characters. But at the time I didn’t know what I was watching.”

Paul has since been trounced online for his thoughts on “Oppenheimer,” considering the film hit theaters to universal praise — and brought in more than $700 million at the worldwide box office.

In response to Paul’s take, one user on X, formerly Twitter, suggested his attention span is too short. “‘They’re just talking’ He says. On a podcast,” wrote another user. “I think logan needs a break,” someone else said.

“Logan realizing all he’s doing on his podcast is talking and walks out of his own podcast,” joked one Twitter user, with another recalling the biggest blemish of his career: “‘Aw man. This movie has talking?!?! Let’s go play around with a dead body in a forest. This is lame.’”

Paul is currently preparing for a fight against mixed martial artist Dillon Danis.
Paul is currently preparing for a fight against mixed martial artist Dillon Danis.

Paul is currently preparing for a fight against mixed martial artist Dillon Danis.

Paul infamously filmed an apparent suicide victim hanging from a tree in Japan’s “Suicide Forest” in 2017 and faced international condemnation after sharing it on YouTube. Paul ultimately grew more popular than ever, however.

It’s not the first time he’s offered a hot take on a movie, either.

“‘NOPE’ is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time,” Paul wrote on Twitter, now known as X, about the alien invasion film in 2022. “I love Jordan Peele and Keke Palmer can act her ass off, but this movie is objectively slow and confusing with stretched themes that don’t justify the pace.”

The boxer is currently preparing for a bout against Dillon Danis, however, and reportedly just wished the fighter a happy birthday — by delivering a cake to their joint press conference in the shape of Danis lying on his back with a bruised face.

The fight will be held at Wembley Stadium in London on Oct. 14.