Logger cuts off toes to free himself

A 61-year-old logger pinned down by a six-tonne trailer escaped by cutting off his toes with a 7.5 centimetre pocket knife.

He feared he might die alone in a remote area of forest in the US so he cut off five toes to get free.

John Hutt says he went into the wood alone to retrieve some fallen aspen trees he wanted for winter firewood, the Associated Press has reported.

The trailer attached to his truck slipped and fell on his foot.

Hutt says he started cutting off his toes after 30 minutes passed, when he realised no one was around to answer his calls for help.

His cell phone was in his truck and his wife only knew he would be several hours on the job.

"I cut off my boot to see my foot, and once I realised how bad it was, I started cutting off my toes," Hutt says.

Once freed, Hutt wrapped a shirt around his foot to stop the bleeding and drove towards his home in Montrose and called for help once he was in cell phone range.

An ambulance met him on the way.

Authorities reportedly tried to retrieve the toes, but doctors couldn't reattach them because they were too badly mangled.

Doctors instead sewed shut the wound, but warned Hutt he could need more surgery.

Hospital spokeswoman Leann Tobin told the Associated Press Hutt was released on August 22.