Louise Redknapp felt awkward on stage in front of sons

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Louise Redknapp was “mortified” when her sons came to watch her in ‘9 to 5’.
The ‘Lead Me On’ singer has been playing Violet in a touring production of the Dolly Parton musical and she admitted it was “weird” for her sons Charley, 17, and 13-year-old Beau – who she has with ex-husband Jamie Redknapp – when they saw her on stage, and she felt just as uncomfortable seeing them in the crowd.
She said: “My kids are really happy that I’m doing it. They came to watch it and I walked out on stage and saw them in the front row. I don’t know who was more mortified – them or me!
“They didn’t know whether to smile at me, I think they just were like ‘Oh my God, that’s my mum!’ It was so weird for them, it must have been a real moment of ‘Woah, this is awkward.’ “
Louise felt “lucky” that starring in the musical never kept her away from home so she got to see her children almost every day throughout the tour.
She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “I’ve been so lucky on this tour, I really have. First of all, ATG have been so understanding of the fact that I’ve got children. And I’ve also been really lucky in that a lot of the venues I’ve been able to drive home.
“I’ve only had one stint where I’ve not been able to come home every night. Even though I get home really late, I see them in the morning before they set off.
“There were a lot [of venues] that I could drive home from. And then apart from that, the weeks that I’m away or can’t get back I usually go on the Tuesday and get back on the Saturday. It’s not horrendous and I’ve only got one week left.
“You make it work. Is it ideal? Of course not... But they know what I do. It kind of works.”

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