Louise Redknapp wants her own stage show

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Louise Redknapp wants to stage her own show.
The 47-year-old star has appeared in a number of musical theatre productions in recent years and although that’s still on the cards for her, she’s also keen to step behind the scenes and work on putting together a new production.
She said: “You know what I really would love to do and what I am looking to do is – I’m quite looking forward to being more involved in bringing scripts to life and working with producers and actually getting on the other side of it and not only being in the show but also putting the shows together.
“But being in the show itself will always be my first love. The roles I’m looking at are all new shows so nothing you will have seen before, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a new theatre show will happen.
“But music is where my heart is – it’s what I do. New music is something I will always strive to do.”
The former Eternal singer – who has sons Charley, 17, and Beau, 13, with ex-husband Jamie Redknapp – is excited for what 2022 has in store for her.
Asked what she’s planning for the new year, she exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “Hopefully lots of different things.
“I’m working with Peacocks which hopefully everybody has seen everywhere. It’s so nice to be on the fashion front and expanding and doing more, getting a bit more involved in that.
“New music is on the horizon. Music and fashion are definitely my priorities, and some other theatre shows.”

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