Love Islanders share their political insights on the UK’s general election

Every year, the charming Love Island contestants venture out of their areas of expertise – flirting, chatting, discussing the endless nuances of “icks”– and into the uncharted terrain of current affairs.

From the legendary Brexit analysis of 2018, in which an alarmed Hayley Hughes thought that a departure from the European Union would spell the end of trees as we know them, to not knowing the difference between a country and a continent, the show has left us with some unforgettable insights.

Now, the latest cohort have lent their thoughts to the most monumental political moment since the referendum, and shared their thoughts on the UK’s general election.

In an episode of Love Island Unseen Bits, the girls are seen discussing the government, as retail manager Jess asks, “What’s everyone’s opinion on the general election?”

Uma, 23, is confused as she asks, “What’s that mean?”

An unimpressed Jess responds, “Are you being serious?”

Uma defends her knowledge as she ventures, “No, I know the prime... president...?”

“Prime minister, babe.” Jess corrects, shortly.

The Islanders ventured out of their comfort zone to discuss government (ITV/Love Island)
The Islanders ventured out of their comfort zone to discuss government (ITV/Love Island)

“Prime minister, sorry.” says Uma.

But Tiffany appears bored as she contributes: “I don’t know. I don’t really understand it all,” as Welshwoman Nicole agrees.

“There is a vote right now isn’t there?” Uma asks the group.

Some fans were confused about how the Islanders were aware of the election while they’ve been cooped up in the villa. However, the snap election was announced on 1 June while the 11th season of the dating show began on 7 June.

Nicole and Mimii watched on (ITV/ Love Island)
Nicole and Mimii watched on (ITV/ Love Island)

“There’s gonna be a general election soon but..” Jess continues before Uma interrupts to add, “Sadiq Khan is the current...”

“It’s Rishi Sunak,” corrects Tiffany, clarifying that the mayor of London was not in the national government.

Jess appears impatient as she teaches, “Not Sadiq Khan, it’s Rishi Sunak, it’s Conservatives that are in power at the minute...”

And despite Tiffany stating she doesn’t understand politics, it appears she has more of a flair for economics as she notes, “A Freddo’s like 25p now...”

Jess believes she would make a good prime minister (ITV/Love Island)
Jess believes she would make a good prime minister (ITV/Love Island)

Mimii asks whether there are any women in the running as Jess says “life would be better if women were in charge”.

More confusion ensues as Uma adds, “But wasn’t it really bad when Margaret... I don’t know. I don’t want to say anymore.”

Jess adds knowingly, “It wasn’t Margaret Thatcher, she was a long, long time ago.”

“She lasted about two days didn’t she?” adds another contestant

As the villa’s resident fount of knowledge, Jess confirms: “Theresa May. That was the woman.”

“There was another as well,” suggests Tiffany.

“I think she’s been the only woman after Margaret Thatcher,” says Jess.

“No, there was one more. She loved Taylor Swift,” Tiffany recalls, referring to the fleeting reign of former prime minister Liz Truss.

Jess concludes the chat by suggesting, “I think I’d be quite a good prime minister,” as the girls agree.

Sharing the policies she’d implement, she says, “I would make nails free to girls. I would make hair free to girls.”

“That’s not a political party Jess, that’s just a party,” notes narrator and comedian Iain Stirling.

Love Island continues tonight (4 July) at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.