Luciana Gimenez feared she would lose her leg after horror skiing accident

Luciana Gimenez feared she would lose her leg after breaking it in four places in a horrific skiing accident.
The 53-year-old presenter - who has 23-year-old Lucas with Rolling Stones frontman Sir Mick Jagger and Lorenzo, 11, with ex-husband Marcelo de Carvalho - was on the slopes with her sons during a holiday in Aspen, Colorado when she lost control and took a nasty tumble.
Luciana revealed her left boot "didn't come off the ski" and it left her with fractures in four places. She told Marie Claire Brazil magazine: "At the time all I could think about was the children, I didn't want to scream too much because they were there watching. Lorenzo froze, poor thing, Lucas went to call the emergency but his mobile phone had no signal. All I could say was: 'I've broken my leg, I've broken my leg'. People say that you faint from the pain, but I didn't faint. I felt an inexplicable pain that I can't describe. Until the rescue arrived, it took about 20 minutes. With that inexplicable pain I only thought about dying, I wanted to die (...) I thought I would lose my leg, that I wouldn't be able to move it", she recalled.
After being given first aid, the star was rushed to hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery.
She added: "The doctors were so afraid that I would lose circulation, and therefore my leg, that they called the head of orthopaedics, who rushed me to the operating room. I remember the surgeon saying that my case was serious and delicate, and that he would pass me in front of all the other patients because of this. I could only tell him that I was working with my leg, that I couldn't lose it. He told me that he would do his best, but that he would have to cut it in some parts."
The beauty was discharged from hospital four days after surgery, and should start physiotherapy this week.
In a press release, Luciana's team said: "She will not be able to put her foot down for the next six weeks and will start light physiotherapy in the next 10 days. While she is immobilised, she will use crutches, a walker and a wheelchair to get around."