Lucky Blue Smith and Nara Pellman's baby joy

Lucky Blue Smith's wife is pregnant, three months after their wedding.

The 21-year-old star tied the knot with fellow model Nara Pellman in February and they have now taken to Instagram to reveal that they are expecting their first child together.

Both Lucky Blue and Nara shared a video on the app, which featured them cuddling as she held up a picture from her sonogram.

And his sister, model and actress Pyper America, was among those who congratulated them on the news.

She wrote: "RHS!!!!!! My sweet angel!!! Mom n daddd!!!!! (sic)."

Lucky Blue already has a two-year-old daughter called Gravity Blue Smith with singer Stormi Henley but last month he revealed he had received backlash for not posting more pictures of her on his social media accounts.

He told L'Officiel magazine: "I don't post my daughter on Instagram. I want to let her have a childhood, before putting her into the public eye. She's barely learning to talk right now. She's just two and a half...

"I used to post her but then one day I decided it didn't make sense anymore, I wanted that to be her decision. I've definitely seen backlash on that...

"[People on Instagram have] said: 'You're not there for your daughter; you're not with your daughter ever'.

"I have 50/50 custody; they will say that when she's literally sitting right on my lap. There are certain subjects that won't affect me, but we're all human. Certain ones hurt."