Luke And Leia 'Fly' A 'Star Wars' Speeder Bike In NYC For Halloween

Ron Dicker

May the trick-or-treating be with you.

YouTuber Jesse Wellens has conjured another viral winner for Halloween, zipping through New York City with Carmella Rose a la Luke and Leia on a “Star Wars”speeder bike. The customized contraption gives the illusion of flying at times, just like the one in the movies.

Damn, this is fun.

And it isn’t long before a stormtrooper gives chase.

Wellens shredded Gotham last Halloween as the Silver Surfer.

But given the approaching opening of another entry in the iconic space saga, “The Last Jedi,” Wellens made the perfect call for this year.

But remember: No one could drive a speeder like Carrie Fisher in “Return of the Jedi.”

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