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Lululemon's leggings are so good I'll never buy workout gear from another brand again

Lululemon leggings review
The Lululemon Swift Speed High-Rise Tight 28" Leggings are comfortable, never sag or roll down and worth every penny. (Lululemon)

If, like me, you're keen to improve your fitness in the new year, then one of the best moves you can make is investing in a good quality pair of workout leggings.

However finding the right pair can be like finding a needle in a haystack. From Adidas to Nike, Sweaty Betty to Uniqlo, there's thousands of styles available.

It wasn't until I bought a pair of Lululemon's Swift Speed High-Rise Tight 28" that I realised I'd never need another pair of leggings again.

Let me preface my review by acknowledging that with a £98 price tag, they're eye-wateringly expensive but if you have the budget, I'd highly recommend buying a pair. Read on to find out why.

Why I rate them

Firstly, they're form-fitting and flexible, perfect for running, cycling and weight training, but in my two years of owning them, they've never sagged, nor lost their shape or elasticity in the wash.

The stretchy leggings may be an investment but they'll last you wears. (Lululemon)
The stretchy leggings may be an investment but they'll last you wears. (Lululemon)
The thick, high-waisted band is supportive and doesn't roll down. (Lululemon)
The thick, high-waisted band is supportive and doesn't roll down. (Lululemon)

The thick, high-waisted band never rolls down or feels flimsy. Instead, with every workout I feel supported but not constricted.

I love the 28in leg length that covers my ankles and is perfect for running outdoors when it's cold, and as a UK size 14, a Lululemon 10 fits perfectly (the brand goes off US sizing, but there's a useful size guide on the site so you can easily find the best fit).

My review

My favourite feature is how well they wash. Two years after picking up my first pair they still look good as new after being in the washing machine. They've never gone bobbly or faded in colour – my pair is classic black.

The drop-in pockets are fantastic for storing your phone or keeping keys close without needing a bag, and they don't lose their shape no matter how much you fill them.

I find mine fit perfectly, but if you do want a tighter fit, the inner continuous drawcord is perfect for customising them, and won't bunch up in the wash.

The sweat-wicking fabric is slick and stretchy, but doesn't leave me feeling sticky even after a run in the summer. No other brand has ever measured up, I'm a total Lululemon convert and have never worn another pair of leggings since owning these.

I love them so much I wish I could buy another pair in a different colour (they're available in turquoise, indigo, black, navy and magenta) but I simply don't need to.

They're so durable and soft that they suit every single workout I've ever tried, from spinning classes to treadmill sprints.

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