Lupita Nyong'o just shaved her entire head of hair off and it's the ultimate dramatic transformation

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lupita n'yongo shaved head
Lupita's gone completely bald with major buzzcutFrazer Harrison/GA - Getty Images

Lupita Nyong'o has always looked exceptional with short hair. She looks like she invented face cards, before her, maybe everyone was paying with face cash. Ok, that was a terrible dad joke, but my brain is too discombobulated from how stunning she looks following a return to short hair that may just be the closest shave we've ever seen her with.

We all fell in love with her with a closely cropped pixie cut, but this new 'do is no pixie. So clean shaven you couldn't even call it a buzz cut, Lupita has literally no hair, and according to the caption she likes it that way. We do too Lu, we do too.

With a shave so close that I want to know what razor she used because it would revolutionise my showers, the actress wrote: "Happy without hair!". And tbh, if I had her face, I'd be happy without hair too.

The Black Panther star said what we were all thinking when she wrote: "Application for the Dora Milaje submitted! πŸ™…πŸΏβ™€οΈ". You know who she means, the bad ass female warrior army from Wakanda who all sport shaven heads.

Lupita got to this super-close shave via a pixie cut by Vernon Francois three weeks ago (another Brit hair stylist, Hollywood is obsessed πŸ’πŸ½β™€οΈ).

Posting a hilarious video to instagram saying farewell to her sisterlocks, Luptia says: "It's time to let you go, it's sad it's oh so sad, you've been so good to me, you've been so thick, for the first time in my life, I'm gunna miss you, come back again."

Before a cameo from Vernon with the "Girl don't do it" sound – iconic.

But it seems the pixie just wasn't short enough! Or perhaps it was a planned transition step? Either way, mere weeks later and the pixie is gone. Is there any look she can't do?

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