Lynda Carter moved to tears by Wonder Woman reboot

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Lynda Carter was moved to tears by the ‘Wonder Woman’ film.
The 71-year-old actress starred as the DC Comics superhero in the iconic 1970s 'Wonder Woman' TV series for three seasons, a role for which she still has a cult following now.
Lynda simply loves actress Gal Gadot's portrayal of the character in Patty Jenkins' movies and those blockbusters made her cry, laugh and clap.
Speaking to The Guardian about watching Gal, 37, play Diana Prince and her Amazonian alter ego, Lynda said: "Oh, I was thrilled, I was standing, I was applauding, I was crying, I was laughing. I was holding the hand of my daughter and husband.”
Lynda admitted it was “strange to see another woman taking that mantle” and she was grateful to be given a cameo as Amazonian warrior Asteria in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ helped soften the blow.
Despite her support for the reworking of the franchise, she says she has never wanted to show up to greet fans of both versions at a Comic-Con.
She added: “If I was on a talk show, they would talk about ‘Wonder Woman’ and I would discuss it. Or if someone stopped to tell me their story, I would listen and sign their autograph.”
Her joy at seeing ‘Wonder Woman’ make a comeback with her husband is now poignant as she is still mourning his death.
The actress’ lawyer partner Robert A. Altman died in February 2021 aged 73 from myelofibrosis, a rare form of leukaemia.
Speaking about her and their two children's grief, Lynda said: “The guy that I married was handsome, smart, loving.
“He really did not hold me back in anything I wanted to do. On the contrary, he encouraged me to go back to singing again.
“Or, ‘Don’t worry, take that movie, I’ll deal with the kids, I’ll bring ’em every weekend, we’ll figure it out’.
“And I would do the same for him. If we had a vacation plan, I wouldn’t take a movie, or a singing tour, or something like that, because we had family plans. And we spent as much time as a family together as possible.
“And then Covid hit, and we were together 24/7. And then in February 2021, he perished.”
Lynda has now switched from acting to singing and her new single is a dance remix of her song ‘Human and Divine’, written for her late husband of 37 years.

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