'I’m not fond of nudity on screen in general...' Diane Kruger campaigned for no naked scenes in Visions

Diane Kruger is "not fond of nudity on screen" and argued against including those scenes in her new movie 'Visions'.
The 47-year-old German actress plays airline pilot Estelle who embarks on an an all-consuming love affair with a sensual photographer in Yann Gozlan's film.
The movie has drawn comparisons to the erotic thrillers of the '90s such as 'Basic Instinct', the box office hit that made Sharon Stone a global sex symbol, but Kruger urged Gozlan to shoot the required love scenes in a more nuanced way.
In an interview with Numero, she said: "Regarding erotic thrillers, I didn’t think about it at all, as I argued against nudity in that film. I don’t appear naked, although there are a lot of erotic scenes. I thought the depiction of the characters’ urges were already quite carnal.
"In 'Visions', you can feel the presence of an omniscient eye, the camera plays on the voyeuristic aspect, so I didn’t want to add nudity in the mix. I’m not fond of nudity on screen in general, but I can do it if necessary. Since the gaze was the one of a male director staging the burning desire between two women, I didn’t think that nudity was essential to the plot. I’m glad Yann had my back, because I find that the scenes are sensual enough without any explicit nudity."
Although full nudity was off-limits for Kruger on set, the 'Troy' star did agree to embark on a demanding swimming exercise regime and train in a flight simulator.
She explained: "The swimming took a long time to master because Yann wanted me to swim the crawl and be as sharp as possible when doing it. I was already a swimmer, but I usually swim at my own pace, gently, calmly. So, I trained for months, mainly at home in New York, but also with a coach. Yann is a very good swimmer, and I think that the character of Estelle is a lot like him."
Gozlan, 46, wanted the flight scenes to look so realistic that he set the simulator to crash if Kruger made any mistakes in the replica cockpit.
She shared: "Flying a plane in a flight simulator is a language of its own to learn. It was really up to me to make the right gestures and codes when pressing on the dashboard, because if the plane didn’t work, it couldn’t fly. As soon as I made a mistake, the alarm went off, because the computer thought the plane was about to crash. So, I had to restart the computer, and it took a good fifteen minutes each time to reset it."