‘I’m too good looking for love’

Kristine Tarbert

A mum-of-four has caused a stir after saying her youthful looks are actually a curse and are preventing her from finding love.

Dawn Cousins, from London, has left people shocked, amused and a little outraged after boasting that she has men constantly falling at her feet.

The 44-year-old says she wishes she didn't 'look so good', so she could find a long-term partner who isn’t just attracted to her physically.

Dawn says her youthful looks are a curse. Photo: Facebook

“Number one I’m obviously a very attractive woman,” she said while appearing on This Morning.

“I’m finding that younger guys are messaging me wanting to take me out but they just want me because I’m hot."

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She says she looks half her age. Photo: Facebook

“Then the older guys don’t put any effort into themselves and yet they want me to send them pictures of me looking good.”

The receptionist says looking half her age and having men ‘drooling’ over her hasn’t been as amazing as it may sound.

Her comments saw viewers label her as 'arrogant'. Photo: Facebook

"I sometimes wish I didn’t look so good, then I might attract the right kind of man I could spend my life with,” she told The Sun.

The mum has been on the lookout for Mr Right since splitting from her partner-of-four-years in 2003, but TV viewers were anything but sympathetic to her ‘plight’.

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