Machine Gun Kelly got in 'trouble' for trying to pour his own drink at a bar

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Machine Gun Kelly got in “trouble” for trying to pour his own drink at a bar.
The ‘Bloody Valentine’ hitmaker has admitted he was once scolded for trying to get his own beverage while out on the town.
After being asked what he last “got in trouble for”, the 32-year-old rapper - who is engaged to actress Megan Fox - told Interview magazine: "Walking behind a bar to pour myself a drink."
Machine Gun Kelly - real name Colson Baker - also shared his belief that the “best” works of art are “layered like an onion” and believes that the authenticity in his movie gives it that quality.
Speaking to 35-year-old musician Mod Sun, who he collaborated alongside on new film 'Good Mourning', he said: “That’s interesting because while life imitates art with how we wrote this from a real place, about a real situation, the text itself did not involve 'Good Mourning'.
"I don’t remember how we stumbled on that. When you say 'Good Mourning' out loud people are gonna hear it the easiest way, which is as a greeting.
"As you and I both know, with art, the best pieces are the ones that are layered like an onion that you have to peel back and look deeper into. That’s what is so beautiful about that phrase.
"Most people just take it at the first layer, but if you peel it back, and you see there’s a 'U' in the spelling of the title, that leads to you having to ask questions and then realising that it’s not what you thought it was.
"That’s the intention of why we put all those twists in the movie; while it’s easy to just take it as its first-layer of 'Oh, ha ha stoner guy comedy,' it really is a story about someone choosing love over their work ,or someone doing the right thing, and then because you do the right thing, you actually get everything.
"Halfway through the movie, you’re scared that he’s not going to get his dream job because he’s chosen the relationship, or he’s going to get the dream job but not the relationship, and in the end, you see he gets both because he made the right decisions. So, we named it ‘Good Mourning’ because that term alone is layered and that requires a deeper sense of awareness. We don’t want it to just be a doofus comedy. It’s supposed to be something that has depth to it.”
The motion picture - which stars Megan, Amber Rose, and Avril Lavigne - tells the story of a film star whose world is turned upside down when he is faced with deciding between pursuing his one true love or landing a life-changing role in a huge movie.

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