Macklemore suffered addiction relapse during COVID-19 outbreak

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Macklemore suffered an addiction relapse during the COVID-19 outbreak.
The 'Thrift Shop' rapper has spent years battling drink and drug issues and previously spent time in rehab in a bid to tackle his demons, but he's now revealed he experienced a set back during the summer of 2020 after the pandemic hit but has since got sober again.
He made the revelation in a video posted on TikTok to his new song 'CHANT', writing: "I relapsed during the first summer of COVID. Today I have 694 days clean."
In the song, he raps about his battle with addiction and references an overdose that put him in hospital.
He raps: "20k deep, better pull out your phones/Turnin’ the arena to believers every time I hit the ceiling/Ain’t nobody ever touchin’ my show/Look at where we started, look at where we got to/Almost OD’d that night in the hospital/Wasn’t gonna die, more life in the arsenal/Got another shot to pull off the impossible."
The 'Same Love' hitmaker entered rehab for drugs and alcohol addiction in 2008 and celebrated three years of sobriety until a relapse in 2011. He had struggled with substance abuse throughout the majority of his 20s and previously insisted he wouldn't have survived without treatment.
During a virtual appearance on 'People's Party with Talib Kweli', he said: "If it wasn't for my pops having the 10 or 12 racks [thousand] that it was when I first went to treatment and [his ability] to spend that on me, I'd be f****** dead. I wouldn't be here right now. That's not to be f****** dramatic, that's just what it is. I was about to die."

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