Macklemore wants kids to 'focus on creativity'

Macklemore made sure he put his daughter into a school where she can "focus on her creativity".

The 35-year-old rapper has two daughters, three-year-old Sloane and 11-month-old Colette, with his wife Tricia Davis, and has said it was important for him to find a school for his eldest tot that prioritises creative learning, because he thinks art is an important part of the school system.

He said: "I'm already watching it with Sloane. She's almost four now and we picked the school that she can really focus in on her creativity and has a social justice mission. And then also, of course, putting her into classes wherever she is passionate. That's one of the things that I have resources for is to be able to pay for private arts education outside of schools, but a lot of people don't have that."

The 'Marmalade' hitmaker is so passionate about the importance of art that he recently teamed up with LIFEWTR to work to beautify high schools that are facing cuts to their arts programming in Miami, Boston, Chicago and elsewhere with murals by local artists.

The program will also include teacher grants and classroom kits, and is set to benefit more than 10 million kids.

Speaking about the program, Macklemore told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I got behind the campaign because it deals directly with youth and creativity ... The arts, creativity, really begin with schools. It is extremely important right now with all of the budget cuts and with priorities shifting in schools to really make sure that kids are getting an opportunity to express themselves in a creative way.

"I think that the mural part of it is really cool. I can still think of numerous murals that are up right now in Seattle that have been there a long time. They become a part of the city. They become a part of the school. They tell a story. I think if we had a project like that when I was growing up, the mural portion of it, it would be really cool. It's a piece of history. It's a piece of art that will last for generations."