Madison Bailey doesn't mind 'getting personal' with her fans

Madison Bailey "doesn't mind getting personal" with her fans.
The 24-year-old actress has amassed almost seven million followers on Instagram since taking on the role of Kiara Carrera in the hit Netflix drama series 'Outer Banks' and loves being able to interact with her fans but admitted that her massive platform on the social media app does leave her with "a lot of anxiety" from time to time.
She said: "The best part is I feel like I can interact with people at any moment. The other day I got on Live just to talk to people and let them get to know me more. I plan on being solely an actress and I feel like that’s my platform for people to get to know who I am in my private life. I don’t mind getting personal. I’m an open book 90 percent of the time. I’d say the worst part about the following is the other 10 percent of that time, when I want privacy. It brings me a lot of anxiety at random times!"
The former 'Black Lightning' star - who has been dating Mariah Linney for more than a year - went on to add that she is often unsure whether she should post something onto her main Instagram page and admitted to having a fake Instagram page where she can test the waters with her friends instead.
She told Interview magazine: "Yeah. I have a personality disorder. I’ll be like 100 percent behind something, like, 'I’m posting this, it’s going to be great.' And then that night I’m like, 'Um.” I’ll run it by my friends or sometimes'—okay, gossip. I have a finsta. So I’ll post something on my finsta and I’ll ask my friends, like, “Is this too much for the main?”