MAFS cast clash at wild party: 'So many people were laughing'

EXCLUSIVE: MAFS influencers have reunited at a party in Sydney and, of course, drama went down.

There was an unofficial Married At First Sight reunion in Sydney on Friday night as participants from all seasons attended the Maxim Hot 100 Halloween party which, of course, meant plenty of drama.

As the evening progressed, with all attendees enjoying a free bar of spooky cocktails, Jackson Lonie found himself to be a talking point across the bash after an incident in the toilet.

The former groom was overheard clashing with a British man whilst trying to “push in front” of the guest as people lined up to use the facilities.

“You don’t know who I am, do you?” Jackson was then heard exclaiming as he unsuccessfully tried to go into the cubicle first, with the man responding: “I’ve got no idea, mate”.

An onlooker tells Yahoo Lifestyle: “So many people heard and were laughing at Jackson it was so embarrassing.”

MAFS stars at Maxim party
MAFS' Tayla Winter and Jackson Lonie were amongst the stars spotted at the annual Maxim party. Photo: Supplied

Later in the evening, Jackson was spotted slumped on a counter by the kitchen and having a tense-looking chat with a brunette.

A picture sent to Yahoo Lifestyle shows Jackson looking ready for bed, as his ex-girlfriend Olivia looked on from behind and their co-star Cody Bromley embraced a girl to his side.

Meanwhile, there were concerns MAFS stars Olivia Frazer and Tayla Winter would come to blows after falling out over Instagram recently over false rumours Tayla had hooked up with Olivia’s ex-boyfriend Jackson.

Jackson Lonie MAFS
Jackson Lonie looked dejected at the party. Photo: Supplied


A source tells Yahoo Lifestyle: “Olivia and Tayla struck up a friendship earlier this year when Tayla was dealing with the aftermath of the show, so Olivia felt hurt when she heard the rumours. Olivia messaged Tayla a few days ago asking her directly and Tayla read her DM but never replied, which left Olivia hurt and angry.”

Cast members purposely kept the pair apart with it being another big talking point of the evening - with several then arguing whilst accused of "taking sides", but thankfully there was no confrontation.

Other former participants in attendance included Jason Engler, Bryce Ruthven and Nasser Sultan.

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