MAFS' Evelyn and Duncan 'set to make $1million as long as they follow single rule'

MAFS' Evelyn and Duncan look set to make a fortune.

MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James look set to be Australia's next power couple, after securing several lucrative sponsorships since the show wrapped.

Where some former contestants might struggle to make it as influencers following their stint on the controversial reality TV show, Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that Evelyn and Duncan look set to make a fortune.

Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James pose ahead of The Logies
Duncan and Evelyn are the breakout couple from MAFS. Photo: Instagram/Evelyn Ellis

In the last two months, the pair have worked with L'Oréal, Amazon, Pretty Little Thing, Lipsy London, Langham Sydney, a luxury watch store, hair care brand, bespoke suit maker and a moving company.

The pair also became ambassadors for Australian Turf Club last week, helping kick off the Sydney Everest Carnival alongside celebrities including Candice Warner, Mark Beretta and Aisha Jade.


A media source estimates the pair could follow up in the footsteps of Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant, and Martha Kalifatidis and Micheal Brunelli, in the next 24 months and bank up to $1million through brand endorsements.

Duncan and Evelyn kissing on MAFS
The pair are set to make a fortune. Photo: Instagram/Evelyn Ellis

However, to make this amount the pair are encouraged to follow one single rule: stay together.

“Their appeal to high-end brands is them as couple and staying together. If they split, their marketability will drop substantially and there'll be less offers on the table. It's harsh, but true,” the media source explained.

After recently moving into a luxury townhouse together, Evelyn and Duncan were photographed looking as loved up as ever in Sydney last week.

Duncan and Evelyn holding their dogs
Last week the pair were photographed looking loved-up in Sydney. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

Holding on to Evelyn's dogs, Pickles and Mustard, the couple beamed as they threw the ball into the sea for the dogs to catch.

Duncan put his arms around Evelyn in another photo as the pair walked along the beach.

Duncan and Evelyn's romance

Back in May, Duncan and Evelyn went public with their relationship in an interview with 9Entertainment.

“Are you in a relationship?” Evelyn asked at the beginning of the clip shared on Instagram, to which Duncan replied, “Yes I am. Well, yes we are!”.

“We are in a relationship,” she gushed. “This is Evelyn and Duncan’s hard launch.”

Since then, their relationship has come up against a number of stumbling blocks, with Duncan's former bride Alyssa recently coming out with an X-rated detail about their time together.

Speaking on Selina Chhaur and Taku Chimwaza’s podcast Back To Reality, Alyssa revealed that she and Duncan had lied about the first time they had sex on the reality show.

“I do have a bit of a truth bomb,” she said. “We did not wait to intimacy week. So we had told everyone that we were waiting, that it never happened.”

Alyssa admitted that the first time she and Duncan had sex was on their honeymoon, which took place in Yarrawonga, Victoria.

Duncan and Evelyn on the beach in Sydney
The played with the dogs on the beach. Photo: Supplied/Matrix
Duncan and Evelyn hugging in Sydney
The pair announced their relationship in May. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

“Look, I don’t want to throw him under the bus because I initially agreed with him,” she explained. “But he had said, ‘Look, let’s not tell anyone about this. I feel like we'll be a bit more respected if we just wait until after Intimacy Week’. And I was like, ‘That's a good idea’.”

Duncan hit back, telling Yahoo Lifestyle he thinks “it’s disrespectful to discuss anything physical”.

“My focus is on my relationship with Evelyn, not something that happened last year,” he said. “I won’t talk negatively about Alyssa and I wish her all the best."

Last week, former MAFS bride Carolina Santos also spilled the beans about pictures that emerged of her and Duncan on a night out together.

Appearing on the Back To Reality podcast, Carolina - who was paired with Dion Giannarelli in last year's season of the hit Channel Nine series - revealed to hosts Selina Chhaur and Taku Chimwaza that she has hooked up with someone from this year's season of the reality show.

“I was literally going to take this to the grave but…. Oh f***,” Carolina said on the podcast, letting the suspense of the moment build up.

“It was Duncan,” she finally revealed, shocking host and ex-MAFS star Selina so much that her jaw dropped.

“He messaged me like ‘Where you at’ and I’m like ‘Oh I’m at this gay club’ and then he was like ‘Okay I’m coming’,” Carolina explained.

“He was already drunk because he was out at a buck’s party, I think. Yeah so, that’s how it happened”.

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