MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Bizarre twist in Lucinda and Timothy's relationship

The couple’s recent social media update has shocked fans.

MAFS' Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith.
Fans have been left shocked after noticing former couple Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith’s latest social media update. Photo: Channel Nine / Instagram/

Married At First Sight fans have been left devastated after noticing former couple Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith have quietly unfollowed each other on Instagram, despite ending the season as best friends and suggesting they may get back together in the future.

Not only do they no longer appear in each other’s following lists, but they have also been untagged in photos on each other’s profiles - which suggests they may have blocked each other.


While neither of the pair have addressed the unlikely social media snub, Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal it comes after Tim shared a TikTok video on Sunday opening up about “getting rid” of people in his life who don’t “respect” him.

“As I went about my day yesterday, it made me think about time and how valuable time is. If people don’t respect your time - and respect is a big word - if they don’t appreciate or respect the time that you give people, cut them out. Get rid of them,” he reflected.

“Time is the most valuable commodity that we have. We give it out so flippantly for free, and if you don’t respect it and appreciate it, then get rid of them. Don’t let anyone waste one minute of your life and time because if they don’t respect it, they don’t deserve to have it.”

It appears that Lucinda then unfollowed Tim on Instagram on Monday, with the social media analytics website SocialBlade showing her account unfollowed 24 people on that day.

MAFS’ Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith.
The pair are no longer tagged in each other’s posts - which suggests they may have blocked each other. Photo: Channel Nine

When asked what might've happened between the pair, one of Lucinda and Timothy’s season 11 co-stars admits to Yahoo Lifestyle they were just as baffled as fans to discover the pair had unfollowed each other. They suggested their fallout must be recent and might be because Lucinda is now “too busy” to invest as much time in their friendship as she previously did.

Another of their co-stars claimed “there’s a lot of resentment towards Lucinda because she’s getting the most work and opportunities”, but added that they’d be “surprised” if Tim were now one of the cast members “jealous” of her post-show bookings.

Earlier this week, Lucinda announced a second UK speaking tour scheduled for October and November after the first one, which will take place in August and went on sale last month, sold out in minutes and generated around $250,000 in ticket sales.


Tim appears to be hoping to experience some of the same success as his ‘ex-wife’ and recently updated his Instagram and LinkedIn to advertise himself as a “keynote speaker”.

“With over two decades of experience, I've evolved from a high-stakes entrepreneur to a sought-after keynote speaker and content creator. You might recognise me from my appearance on the 2024 season of Married at First Sight," Tim wrote on LinkedIn. “As an accomplished businessman, I specialise in sharing insights on resilience, overcoming adversity, and beating the odds. Let's connect and inspire each other to reach new heights.”

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