MAFS expert responds to Bronson backlash and sacking petition

Kristine Tarbert
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It was the disgusting slur that shocked the Married at First Sight cast during Sunday night’s explosive episode, and the backlash continues with a petition now calling for the sacking of one of the experts.

During the commitment ceremony things became very heated between Ines and Bronson, to the point where Bronson lost his cool and dropped the c-bomb in reference to his TV wife.

The experts understandably called him out on the foul language with Mel immediately warning him about speaking like that to/or about a woman.

Bronson’s outburst shocked the other couples and experts. Photo: Channel Nine

“When you use language like that in relation to a woman, how do you expect her to respond to you?” Mel said during the episode. “A tip from me to you: Don’t use language like that if you want any chance of a relationship”. 

Given Ines’ behaviour during the week prior however, there was widespread support for Bronson after the incident, with many so outraged at Mel’s response that a petition was started to have the MAFS expert sacked from the show.

The petition claimed Mel has “made it clear that she thinks it’s okay for a woman to behave the way Ines does” and as of today, it had gained over 28,000 signatures. 

However, both Channel Nine and Mel herself have spoken out in defence of the show and the expert’s reaction to the incident, arguing that Mel wasn’t privy to the information the viewers had about Ines and Bronson’s toxic relationship.

Ines had been herself very verbally abusive towards Bronson during the week. Photo: Channel Nine

Married at First Sight executive producer Tara McWilliams clarified to 9Honey that the experts don’t actually see what goes on during the couples’ weddings and honeymoons, and anything else outside of the commitment ceremonies, dinner parties and couples counselling.

Psychologist Mel stressed that abusive or harmful behaviour is something she would call out regardless of whether it was coming from men or women.

Expert Mel Schilling called Bronson out on the foul language. Photo: Channel Nine

“I’m gender-blind in that role,” Mel told 9Honey.


“As experts sitting on that couch we are not privy to everything that happens to the participants during the week.

“That’s all I was responding to; what was happening there in the moment without the benefit of that information about what had happened in the wedding and the honeymoon. We only saw what was happening in front of us.”

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