MAFS explosion was seconds away from being much worse

Sarah Carty
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The ‘Married At First Sight’ dinner party got heated last night. Photo: Channel Nine

It was one of the most explosive dinner parties ever aired on Married At First Sight, but according to cheating groom, Dan Webb, things could have been a whole lot worse last night.

‘Cyclone Cyrell’ was out in full force as the group sat down for dinner and drinks, eventually taking bride Jessika Power to the side to ask her why she’s still stringing her husband, Mick Gould, along when she had already admitted she wanted to sleep with Dan.

“Dude you wanted to sleep with Dan the other week,” Cyrell shouted at Jessika.

“You’re here for the wrong reasons.”

Little did Cyrell know that Jessika and Dan had just had a sneaky pash in another room at the party and were making plans to ditch their other halves and go on a date together.

After Cyrell bounded into the dinner party room and revealed to Mick and Dan’s wife, Tamara Joy, that Jessika had told her she was interested in another groom, Dan claims he breathed a sigh of relief.

Groom Dan claims the whole thing could have been a lot worse. Photo: Channel Nine
Last night, Dan and Jess had a sneaky pash at the dinner party. Photo: Channel Nine

“When I heard her coming through the doors, the heart started bouncing, and I’m like, ‘alright, I gotta face the music here’,” Dan told 9Honey.

“I was nearly just going to say it there and then… I’m like, ‘I better break it to them now I suppose’.

He went on to say he didn’t break his silence because it wasn’t the right time.

“I didn’t feel like it was the right time, I was a bit intoxicated as were a few people there, so it might’ve gotten a bit out of hand.”

Speaking about the affair, Martha Kalifatidis says there’s one person who’s unfairly avoiding taking any responsibility, and that’s Dan.

“What do you think about what Dan is doing? He’s doing the exact same thing,” Martha told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Why hasn’t anyone called Dan out? I feel like the boys get away with everything.

“Just boys in general, they get away with a lot more than the girls do and I feel like someone needs to call Dan out,” she continues.

“Why didn’t one of the boys call out Dan? Cyrell and Jess and all the girls are getting the heat.”

If the footage from tonight’s episode is anything to go by, Martha makes a good point.

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