MAFS' Lucinda has finally addressed her falling out with Timothy

After a fan left a comment on Lucinda's Instagram account, she left a cryptic reply.

MAFS' Lucinda and Timothy
MAFS' Lucinda and Timothy had a beautiful friendship but fans have been devastated to learn the two are no longer speaking. Photo:

It was the breakup we never saw coming and ones that left MAFS fans in mourning — the demise of Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith's once rock-solid friendship after the two won people over for being the best (platonic) love story from this year's Married At First Sight.

While a lot of speculation surrounded why the two had a falling out, after fans spotted they had unfollowed each other on Instagram, Timothy initially left some cryptic commentary on TikTok in June, saying if someone doesn't "respect your time" you should "cut them out". The MAFS groom later went on to say that there were only 3-4 people who knew the real reason why he and Lucinda were no longer on speaking terms, and that he wishes "Lu all the best in the future".

Earlier today, Timothy spoke exclusively with Yahoo Lifestyle saying that his friendship with Lucinda ended because of their different lifestyles and approaches to friendship, saying that away from cameras he noticed, “Lucinda was a little different to who he had been married to during filming”.

“The cameras do that to people”, he said. “Lucinda may have buckled under the pressure with so many people wanting a piece of her.”

MAFS' Lucinda and Timothy
Lucinda and Timothy during their time on MAFS. Photo: Nine


Tim added that he “didn’t walk away easily” from their friendship, but felt like “eight chances was enough”.

Lucinda has now left her own cryptic comment on her latest Instagram post, addressing a fan who asked about her friendship with Timothy.

"Are you and Tim still on speaking terms? X," the fan asked, with Lucinda commenting underneath, "hopefully one day Tim is up for being friends. I certainly am x."

Lucinda's comment about hoping to be friends with Tim one day
Lucinda has left a comment about hoping to rekindle her friendship with Timothy. Photo:


Fans rallied around Lucinda in the comments. "Anyone would be so lucky to have you as a friend," one person said. "Awww how could he not want to be your friend! Sending hugs xx," another replied.

"You have given him so much in terms of his personal growth… maybe your job is done and he needs to break away for a while," another person pointed out. "You know how it works lovely one."

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