MAFS' Melinda Willis reveals why she unfollowed Tahnee Cook: 'Long time coming'

Melinda has addressed why she's no longer friends with Tahnee, after the two met on MAFS in 2023.

Melinda Willis and Tahnee Cook
Melinda and Tahnee were once close friends. Photo:

Married At First Sight star Melinda Willis has addressed why she unfollowed former friend Tahnee Cook on Instagram, after fans spotted the two were no longer close friends or hanging out any more.

Melinda and Tahnee appeared to be close friends on their season of MAFS in 2023, and Melinda featured as a guest on Tahnee's podcast Chuffed to talk all things MAFS, what happened with their relationships during and after the show, and everything in between.

In February this year, Melinda appeared on the podcast as a guest again with the two friends delving into their relationship breakups and how they're navigating the splits, as well as recapping the first couple of episodes of the 2024 season of Married at First Sight.

But since then, the two have appeared to have drifted apart, with a fan asking Melinda in a recent Instagram Q&A why she had unfollowed Tahnee, with Melinda leaving a quote as a response.

Melinda's Instagram Story. Photo:
Melinda's Instagram Story. Photo:

In a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle, Melinda said she no longer wanted to spend any energy on what happened, and explained the meaning behind the message on her Instagram.

‘The question was asked to me via my own platform and I answered it respectfully. It was not cryptic, I often post self-development quotes using my own personal situations to inspire others who may resonate," Melinda said.


"In my eyes the message referred to boundaries and how it’s important to have good friends in your life and to be a good friend in return. To me a good friend is someone who is genuine, respectful, loyal, kind, and most importantly, someone who you can trust. The end of this friendship has been a long time coming and if Tahnee claims she is clueless, then maybe some self-reflection is necessary. Personally, I don’t wish to spend any more energy on this."

MAFS' Melinda and Tahnee no longer appear to be friends.
MAFS' Melinda and Tahnee no longer appear to be friends.

In another statement to Yahoo Lifestyle, Tahnee addressed her friendship with Melinda and said the entire situation has been confusing.

"As far as I’m aware - nothing has happened, so this entire situation has confused me, to be honest. When I noticed Mel had unfollowed me out of the blue, I went to her directly to ask if something was wrong and was met with no response," Tahnee said.

"The Instagram quote didn’t really make much sense to me. As someone who has been there for her throughout the show and after, it was quite hurtful to see especially after I had reached out to check in and never got responses. I don’t agree with how this was handled so publicly after no attempt to discuss anything with me in private," she continued.


"I honestly have no idea what prompted her to unfollow me as no 'situation' happened. I also didn’t want to jump to any of my own conclusions or speculate why, however, I do find it super disappointing that this has been brought to a public forum when I had actively reached out privately to work through whatever issue she may have had. In my opinion, there was just really no need for this. I just wish Mel all the best," Tahnee finished.

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