MAFS star hits back at trolls after sharing nude pregnancy snap: 'Disgraceful'

Jules Robinson's beautiful pregnancy shoot sparked online criticism and now her photographer has hit back.

MAFS star Jules Robinson pregnancy shoot
MAFS star Jules Robinson has been attacked by trolls over her pregnancy shoot. Photo:

Married At First Sight star Jules Robinson is due to give birth to her second child with husband Cam Merchant any day now, but has had to hit back at online trolls who left negative comments about her nude pregnancy shoot.

The 42-year-old entrepreneur uploaded a photo recently of her glamorous shoot, as she cradled her baby bump decked out in some jewellery. The soon-to-be mum of two left a poignant caption about the photo shoot, saying she was embracing the changes and her body as she gears up to give birth.

"It hits different in your 40’s. Embracing this time, the change, my body and celebrating all the hard work I have done and did to get to this point…. And reunited with @dimages_photographer to capture it," Jules wrote.

"It’s a privilege to get older and this little gift inside me is one I’m so thankful for... I'm aware doing this isn’t for everyone, but Already so many messages, saying 'I wish I did this when I was pregnant!'

If you want to do something like this, do it! Even set up a timer and do it yourself! Capture how amazing your body is, even the parts that feel like they aren’t yours right now 😂. It will come back eventually (well most of it!)"

Cam, Jules and their son Ollie. Photo:
Cam, Jules and their son Ollie. Photo:

Despite the positive nature of the message, online trolls slammed Jules' decision to do the photo shoot, and now the photographer Deanna Gaynor and Jules have hit back at the negative remarks.

"Dear trolls, especially the female ones. You should be ashamed of yourselves for your nasty comments," the Reel read, with Deanna leaving a lengthy caption saying the image of Jules' wasn't Photoshopped - like many comments implied.


"It’s disheartening to see that pregnant women would be trolled and bullied for capturing their beautiful journey and wanting to share that so others build the confidence to do the same. Being unsupportive and cruel doesn’t just hurt them; it reveals a lot about you. If belittling others makes you feel better, it’s time to reflect and seek help," Deanna wrote. "Just for the record, Jules' skin is NOT Photoshopped in this image. Yes, I do use Photoshop but she specifically asked me not to do any skin retouching, so what you see is creative lighting, camera exposure and saturation and colour balance and temperature and aperture at play. I won’t accept her being bullied for this image, it’s simply disgraceful. This image is ART and if you don’t like it, keep your opinions to yourself."

The post was made in collaboration with Jules' Instagram account, with Jules leaving a comment underneath. "What can I say….. You’re that good…. They think I’m airbrushed 🤷🏼‍♀️😂," she wrote. "Thank you for having my back and standing up."

The Instagram Reel included some of the nasty comments Jules had to deal with, with one person calling the shoot "totally unnecessary, inappropriate and ridiculous", someone else saying it was "a bit too much" and another person implying Jules was just doing it for attention.

Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson
Jules and Cam are expecting their second baby soon. Photo:


People commended the Instagram post, with one person saying, "I’m so glad you left their names in! People hide behind anonymity far too often," while another person wrote, "Well said, this is a beautiful piece of art. I do not understand why people would be critical and negative. If you don’t like what you see you don’t have to write anything, press unfollow!! Scroll on!"

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