MAFS star was reportedly kicked out of restaurant for 'dining alone'

Claire Nomarhas said she's never been "more embarrassed" in her life after being kicked out of a restaurant for dining alone.

Married at First Sight contestant Claire Nomarhas has detailed a bizarre incident where she was kicked out of a popular restaurant for dining alone.

The MAFS star said she was left embarrassed after waiting in line for 25 minutes to enjoy a Korean barbecue, before being seated and told she had to leave when the staff learned there was no one else joining her.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Claire detailed how the restaurant had a strict two-person per-table dining policy, something she wasn't aware of before being seated.

MAFS star Claire Nomarhas
MAFS star Claire Nomarhas has shared she was kicked out of a restaurant for dining alone. Photo:

Speaking to Daily Mail, Claire said she wasn't offended or mad but had "never been more embarrassed my whole entire life".

"I have no drama going to dinner by myself," she said. "I'm a massive foodie and I love eating alone because it means I can order whatever I want."


She didn't want to name the restaurant, but she does want businesses to keep in mind that solo diners do exist.

"Restaurants need to keep an open mind that not everyone is in a relationship. Imagine the shame for someone who's told they can dine there alone and they've just lost their partner," she said.

Claire and Jesse on MAFS
Claire was partnered with Jesse Burford on MAFS 2023. Photo: Nine

Solo diners getting kicked out of restaurants

When 2GB radio host Ben Fordham caught wind of the story, he quickly learned this wasn't a one-off incident.

"I'm thinking to myself, this can't be a thing, surely?" he said.


But a 2GB listener, Chrissy, explained something similar had happened to her after losing her partner.

"My darling partner passed away recently. I went to the fish markets and lined up for 30 minutes to get a table for one," she began.

"When I came to the top of the line they told me I'd have to go back to the end because they didn't have a table for me, they were taking tables for two. I was so sad."

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