Maggie Grace announces pregnancy via social media

Maggie Grace is pregnant.

The 36-year-old actress - who starred as Shannon Rutherford on 'Lost' - has announced via Instagram that she's expecting her first child with husband Brent Bushnell.

Alongside a picture of her growing baby bump, Maggie wrote on the photo-sharing platform: "In the midst of these uncertain times, we've been blessed with a joyful reminder of what's most important. Our first little one will be joining us this summer. Sending love to you and your families, may you stay safe and healthy. [love heart emoji] #isolatingbutihavecompany! #saferathomeCA #istayhomefor #letstakecareofeachother #grateful (sic)"

Maggie and her husband have been married since 2017, when they tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in La Jolla, California.

And the actress - who starred as Kim Mills in the 'Taken' trilogy, and Irina in 'The Twilight Saga' - previously explained why she prefers to date outside of Hollywood circles.

Maggie - whose husband is the CEO of an entertainment company - said: "I haven't dated too many actors.

"I did when I was really young, for a couple of years ... but it's nothing against actors ... you can certainly reconcile schedules with actors but it takes some doing, and I just don't have that energy."

Maggie also admitted she sees a relationship as a "really safe place".

The actress reflected: "I think of relationships as having a really safe place with someone where you are, and making an effort to show up every day - to see them and feel seen, especially as an actor when you're already pretending to be other people all the time.

"It's an incredible gift to feel seen by one person; a culture of two."