Major DWTS editing fail sees 'perfect' dance cut

Penny Burfitt
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Claudia Karvan's Dancing With the Star's redemption dance was cut off on the live broadcast. Photo: Ten

Dancing with the Star’s viewers were left fuming on Sunday night when a huge editing fail saw an entire dance cut from the live broadcast, and just to throw salt on the wound – it was given a perfect score.

Channel 10 aired the grand finale of the reality show on Sunday March 29 after the series aired for more than two months, but a technical gaffe saw favourite Claudia Karvan miss out on some well-deserved spotlight.

The actresses final ‘redemption dance’ with partner Aric Yegudkin was not aired in it’s entirety thanks to a mix up with ads, meaning many viewers only caught the last few seconds of the dance.

Viewers were furious after the dance scored a perfect 30. Photo: Ten

Meanwhile, contestants Christian Wilkins, Ed Kavalee and Celia Pacquola all had their dance’s aired with no difficulty.

The pair was also awarded full marks for the routine, with three judges giving them 10/10.

Furious fans slam technical gaffe

Furious fans took to social media to slam the error, some wondering if others had experienced the same thing:

Photo: Twitter

Others assuring them that there was more than one unhappy camper out there:

Photo: Twitter

Most just took the opportunity to slam production for the error.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Channel 10 were quick to respond to the gaffe, taking to Twitter to right the wrong within a matter of minutes, and give those who missed it a chance to catch up.

Comedian and actress Celia Pacquola took out top spot at the end of the evening, while Claudia came in third after runner-up Christian Wilkins.

Christian’s father Richard, who remains in isolation after testing positive to COVID-19 multiple times, congratulated his son from his home where he has been holed up for 19 days.

“[The performance was] so wonderful and so proud of you darling, well done,” he said in an Instagram video.

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