Majority of Sky News Voters Panel still undecided despite manifesto launches

Manifestos have failed to make up the minds of the majority of the Sky News YouGov Voters Panel.

Most of our unique panel told us they are still undecided about who to vote for on 4 July.

When asked what our voters were hoping to hear, the answers were wide-ranging.

The NHS came up repeatedly, as did tax, immigration and the environment.

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Our exclusive voters panel managed by pollster YouGov represents over 40 different seats and many different political views.

We asked everyone on the panel for their views on each of the party manifestos.

The Liberal Democrats launched first, and their policies received a lot of positive comments.

One voter described the manifesto as "radical and ambitious".

Another picked out the plan to tackle tax evasion.

"That really stood out to me because I think there's a lot of money that is left on the table with people avoiding tax in a number of different ways," they said.

A few were not convinced a Lib Dem vote would make any difference. "I still get the gut feeling it could be a wasted vote," came one response.

Some of our older panellists were more supportive of the Conservative manifesto.

"As someone who is approaching retirement age, I think the triple lock plus is of particular interest," one mentioned.

The Rwanda policy continues to divide, but it is popular with some of the panel.

One told us: "I'm in favour of the more stringent immigration policies, and think this will give us a bit more stability with regards to net migration."

But there was scepticism too. And some of the younger voters were unimpressed.

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"I'm 24, I see absolutely nothing in here that is going to help me in my life and is probably actively going to make it a lot worse," one said.

Labour might be leading in the polls, but several on our panel questioned how the manifesto pledges would be paid for.

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"I do wonder in general if the amount of change that they are putting forward is realistic, and if it is realistic, at what cost?" one said.

Others were broadly positive. "My thoughts on the Labour policies are that they're all relevant, especially those for education and on the environment. And they're also fairly convincing."

Manifestos are a mainstay of election campaigns, a moment meant to help make minds up.

But a majority of our panel are undecided and still unable to commit to a party and their policies.

"The elephant in the room for all parties is still the funding and it's still not quite clear how all the parties intend to raise the funding to implement their ideas," one voter said.