Male postgrad student filmed another man pleasuring himself in campus toilet

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A toilet.
A toilet. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

SINGAPORE — A male postgraduate student who filmed another man pleasuring himself in a toilet cubicle was caught after the victim spotted his mobile phone.

When Han Win Tun was investigated, another 17 videos of other men with their private parts exposed were unearthed. He had also taken an illicit video of an unidentified couple having sex in a dormitory room on campus.

Han Win Tun, a Myanmar national and postgraduate student, was jailed for 13 weeks on Tuesday (11 January) after he pleaded guilty to two counts of filming illicit videos, one count of obstructing the course of justice, and one count of insulting the modesty of a woman.

Another five charges, including three of filming himself naked in public toilets, were taken into consideration for his sentencing.

The 31-year-old was represented by lawyer Cory Wong from Invictus Law, who said that his client had filmed himself in order to track his fitness and for sexual purposes. Wong sought no more than 12 weeks’ jail for his client.

On 16 August 2019, Han Win Tun headed to a male toilet located at the basement of a campus building, the name of which was redacted from court documents. He was in one of the cubicles when he heard the sound of someone entering the cubicle to his right. This was a 25-year-old man who was a student at the school.

Han Win Tun decided to take videos of the victim, and proceeded to stand on the top of the toilet bowl, using his hands to lift himself up and peek over the top of the cubicle partition.

He then took out his mobile phone and pointed the camera lens over the top of the partition towards the victim. He peeked at his screen and saw that the victim had his genitals exposed and was engaging in a private sexual act.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Emily Koh noted, “During this time, the accused ensured that he was being discreet. The accused proceeded to take two videos and one photograph of the (victim) using his mobile phone camera surreptitiously.”

Laptops, other equipment seized

The victim spotted the phone from above the cubicle partition and immediately exited the cubicle. He stopped outside of the cubicle Han Win Tun was in and told him to stay still while he called campus security.

While still in the cubicle, Han Win Tun deleted the photographs and videos that he had taken before exiting.

A security officer later arrived and escorted Han Win Tun towards the Campus Security Office, where the police later arrived. His phone, and two laptops were seized, along with his hard disk, thumb drives and memory cards.

A total of 91 obscene video files were found. Forensics examinations of Han Win Tun’s mobile phone revealed two obscene videos, lasting two seconds and 24 seconds, showing the victim in a state of undress.

Han Win Tun admitted to deleting the videos and photographs after being discovered by the victim as he wanted to prevent his wrongdoing from being discovered. The videos and photographs were found in the “recently deleted” folder.

His phone also contained 17 obscene videos capturing 17 different men with their genitals exposed between 3 June and 14 August 2019. Some of these men were engaged in private sexual acts.

On 21 May 2019, the accused was on campus when he saw a couple engaged in sex through a dormitory room window. He approached the window and positioned his mobile phone camera towards the couple.

He then took several videos of the unidentified couple having sex. A total of 33 videos involving the couple ere taken, with another video, lasting more than five minutes, capturing the woman in state of undress on the bed after having sex.

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