Mali junta reauthorises political activities it suspended in April

Mali's junta has decided to reauthorise activities of political parties and political associations. Earlier this year they had been suspended due to accusations of political parties producing "sterile discussions" and "subversion".

Mali's ruling junta announced on Wednesday that it was re-authorising activities of political parties and political associations which it had suspended in April.

"The government decided to lift the suspension that barred political parties and the activities of political associations," said a statement from the council of ministers, which is dominated by the military leaders who took power in a 2020 coup.

The head of the military government, Colonel Assimi Goita, had justified the suspension by citing the political parties' "sterile discussions" and "subversion", which he said posed a danger to an ongoing national "dialogue" on the political future of Mali.

The parties at the time were protesting the colonels' decision to stay in power beyond a March 2024 deadline for returning to civilian rule.


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