Malika Haqq ready to co-parent son with ex O.T. Genasis

Malika Haqq is ready to co-parent her son with ex O.T. Genasis.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star isn't worried about balancing parenting duties with her former flame, with whom she is expecting a son.

A source told TMZ that the former couple have a "wonderful relationship" despite breaking up for over six months now and they claim O.T. Genasis has been a great support to Malika as she goes through the pregnancy.

Malika recently confirmed her baby's father is O.T. Genasis - real name Odis Flores -after keeping the identity of her unborn tot's father a secret for months.

Speaking at her baby shower last week, Malika said: "Everything within this room basically knows my journey and how bad I wanted [this baby]. This is the reason why I didn't want anyone else to speak because I knew I would cry if anyone else said to me what was on their heart. Whether you brought me lunch or called me or texted me ... I'm incredibly thankful to Odis Flores for my little boy. I also realised that sharing my heart with you guys would be equally as emotional. I have nothing against co-ed baby showers, but I will say the reason why I wanted a baby shower full of women was because it's you women that helped me get through this pregnancy 100 percent."

Malika had previously insisted she would be keeping the father's identity a secret, but said she would "absolutely" let people know who he is eventually.

The reality star said: "I'm leaving him out of this, just for now. This is all me ... My baby was made in love and that is something that will unfold at a later date. We're both very happy."