Man arrested in connection with burglarly of Tamara Ecclestone's home

A man has been arrested in connection with the £50 million raid on Tamara Ecclestone's home in December.

The 35-year-old socialite had £50 million worth of jewellery stolen from her London home last month, and on Thursday (30.01.20), a 29-year-old man was arrested by Metropolitan Police in connection with the incident.

According to The Sun newspaper, the man was detained at Heathrow Airport on suspicion of conspiracy to commit burglary, and as of the time of writing, he remains in police custody.

No other details about the arrest are known, but it comes as Tamara's Formula One boss dad Bernie Ecclestone recently said he fears the raid could have been an inside job.

He said: "I don't have all the facts but given all the security at the house, I'm assuming it was an inside job. It's an awful thing to happen just after she had left the house to go to Lapland. Although maybe it's better that she wasn't in at the time. I've tried to call her this morning to see what the latest is but I couldn't get through."

Officers were called to Tamara's £70 million gated mansion property on December 13, after burglars had already made off with rings, earrings, and an £80,000 Cartier bangle.

An insider said at the time: "This is the most shocking burglary because it is one of the most secure houses in London on one of the most secure streets in London. An estimated £50million worth of jewellery has been stolen from inside Tamara's safe and Jay's safe. Whoever did this was in the house for 50 minutes in total and had time to smash open the safes that are hidden in Tamara's dressing room and Jay's dressing room.

"Neither would be easy to find. Every single piece of jewellery that she had in her safe has gone and some of them had such personal meaning ... The three raiders climbed over the back fence and went into the garden, before somehow gaining access to the house. They were disturbed by a security guard after being inside for 50 minutes and are said to have bundled out an open window. The second security guard who was working had left the house to fill up one of the family's vehicles with petrol."