Man arrested after stabbing in an Ontario road rage incident, authorities say

A man was arrested last weekend after allegedly stabbing a driver during a road rage incident in Ontario, according to police.

The incident occurred Saturday at 2 p.m. at the intersection of Holt Boulevard and Mountain Avenue after emergency dispatchers received a call about a road rage incident with a possible stabbing, said Ontario Police Cpl. Emily Williams.

Police officers arriving at the scene located a man with minor stab wounds. The man did not require hospitalization, she said. The man's assailant, she said, was arrested and booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. His name was not released.

The entire incident, which started after one driver cut off another, was captured by surveillance cameras from nearby businesses, dashcams and witnesses who recorded it on their cellphones, police said.

KABC-TV aired footage showing the driver of a white SUV standing in the parking lot of a business, yelling at the driver of a silver SUV who is waiting for traffic to clear to turn into the parking lot and confront the man. When the silver SUV pulls into the parking lot, the driver then exits his vehicle, goes to the driver's side of the white SUV and punches the man sitting inside. The silver SUV's driver then gets back inside his car and drives off.

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But the man in the white SUV drives after the silver SUV and stops behind it. He then gets out of his vehicle but is forced to dodge the silver SUV, after it made a U-turn and appeared to attempt to strike the white SUV. The two men then confront each other face to face.

Dashcam video shows the driver of the white SUV making slashing and stabbing motions as both men stand outside their vehicles. Witness cellphone video shows the man from the white SUV armed with a knife and attempting to stab the driver of the silver SUV multiple times.

The man with the knife then flees on foot while the driver of the silver SUV returns to his vehicle and is shown on video apparently attempting to run over the other man.

Williams said the video footage obtained by the news station will be reviewed as part of their investigation into the incident.

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This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.