Man declared dead by paramedics holds no grudges

A Melbourne man paramedics pronounced dead after a car accident has spoken for the first time, telling Seven News he is just happy to be here.

Daniel Huf looks and feels remarkably well for a 31-year-old man who was pronounced dead after crashing his Porsche in April when paramedics could find no signs of life in eight tests.

He doesn’t remember anything from the accident, but after waking from a three-day coma he was told a tow truck driver found his body twitching and SES workers then found a weak pulse after paramedics had left the scene.

The paramedics were disciplined for their actions and ordered to work under supervision.

But Daniel has spoken exclusively to Seven News to defend the two ambulance officers, saying he feels no bitterness towards them.

"It must have been very tough. Thank you," he said.

Daniel's father Colin says he too holds no grudges.

“They did exactly what they were supposed to do.

“They didn’t find anything. They called it how they saw it.

“There are no negative feelings towards them and we just embrace them.”

Daniel, who suffered shocking head injuries, apologised to his family the moments after he awoke from the coma.

Daniel faces months of rehabilitation and continues to suffer from memory problems, but remains upbeat.

“Well, the doctors said I’ll look better than I did beforehand, so I have to hold onto that, I guess.”