Mandy Moore: I cancelled my tour to focus on being a mom

Mandy Moore cancelled her tour so she could focus on "being a mom."
The 38-year-old singer - who has 16-month-old Gus with Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith and is also expecting her second child with him - had been on the road to across the US in support of her album ''Silver Landings' but pulled the plug back in June after becoming "physically exhausted."
She said: "It was just really physically exhausting to the point where I was like, 'I have to draw the line' and really trust my gut and give myself some grace and recognize that I can't do everything. We did half the tour and it was so much fun. It was just so magical in the sense that you're in a new city every day and [Gus] got to meet new people every day, and it was an incredible life experience that he'll never remember, but we will. I think it was a very pivotal, and will be a very pivotal, part of his young life."
The 'Candy' hitmaker - who has also carved out a successful career in acting and starred as Rebecca in hit series 'This Is Us' - explained that it she needed a "different kind of stamina2 to be on the road and ulimiately decided to take a break while she focusses on the "hardest job of all."
She told ETOnline: "It's really different being on a film set than being on a tour bus," she notes. "It's a different kind of stamina. So I was like, 'You know what? We'll definitely check back in and do this again when I don't have a baby in my belly. I also was like, 'You know what? It's OK to take a little bit of a break.'
"I just worked really hard for six years and I felt like that train was just constantly going because even though we'd have little breaks in between seasons you're still like, 'OK, well then, what comes next?' Or, 'What can I do during the downtime?' and just constantly keeping ourselves busy, which is fantastic," she says. "I feel like this is the first time in quite a few years that I’ve really like, 'Whoo, power down a little bit' and just being a mom -- which is the hardest job of all!'"