Mandy Moore plans to honour the early years of her career

Mandy Moore wants to "honour" the early years of her career.

The 35-year-old star - who released her debut studio album, 'So Real', back in 1999 - has insisted she doesn't want to run away from the years of her life and her career, and is instead keen to embrace her initial success in the music business.

Mandy - who released her new record, 'Silver Landings', earlier this month - explained: "I think [in] the process of making this record, something that was important to me was coming to terms with that 15-year old version of Mandy 'cause she still lives in me; I carry her around. She's kind of the reason I'm here today and still have a semblance of a career.

"So I've made peace with the embarrassment I think I had over the creative choices that I'd made at that point in my life.

"And I also have an appreciation for the fact that I came out of that - what would have been a pretty tumultuous time as a young person in the pop music scene, thrust in this adult world - I've come out the other end kind of a functioning adult."

Mandy also revealed she doesn't have any qualms about performing some of her early hits.

She told NPR: "Considering the fact that we're going on the road and I want to honour that part of my life and my career - and perhaps people and their nostalgic connection to that time in music, as well - I've been revisiting some of [my old music].

"I mean, I know that people are coming on the road and want to hear 'Candy', so that's a no-brainer to me.

"But listening back to that era of music, there's definitely some songs that I'm like 'Okay, this wasn't so bad. I'm excited to figure out a new arrangement of this song.'"