Marc Daly refused Kenya Moore pre-nup

Marc Daly refused to marry Kenya Moore if she insisted on a pre-nuptial agreement.

The couple separated in September after two years of marriage and in scenes aired on 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' at the weekend, the 48-year-old star admitted she had been keen on the "insurance" of having an official document in place that stipulated how they would divide their assets if they went their separate ways, the 49-year-old restaurateur wouldn't even discuss the idea.

During a dinner with Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker, and Cynthia Bailey and her fiancé Mike Hill the subject of pre-nups were raised.

Kandi said: "We all feel like we're going to be together forever, right? And to me, a prenup is just like insurance. You never want to use it but you want to have it just in case.

"I feel like, I would rather us work out what is going to happen when we're in a good place, rather than when you're in a bad place and you turn into somebody that I don't know."

Kenya agreed with her friend's viewpoint but admitted: "You know, Marc didn't want a pre-nup. We don't have one. Like, he wouldn't even have the conversation.That's how strongly he felt about it."

Marc explained: "We never had a discussion about [a] pre-nup because for me, you bring up pre-nup to me, it's over.

"I'm not going to marry someone who has a pre-nup. If you're with me, you're all the way with me or you're not with me."

Marc was questioned about what he'd do if Kenya tried to take his business in the future but he insisted he "didn't care".

Speaking on the show - in scenes which were shot in July - he said: "You know what I told her? 'You can have it. I'll build another one.' I told her that. 'You can have everything, just take it all. You can take everything I don't care. I built it from scratch, I can do it again.'"

But Kenya - who has 13-month-old Brooklyn with Marc - had a different perspective.

She said: "I started off my career in the entertainment industry. I was a corporation since I was 17 years old. I'm a self-made person. If you helped me build something, that's different."

The reality star was then stunned when Marc claimed her Kenya Moore Hair Care range was "a little messy" when they first got together and he had "helped fix" the business.

Outraged, she said: "What? Excuse me!?"

Kenya then branded Marc a "dirty player".

She told audiences: "Marc's a dirty player. He's the type of person who will grab dirt off the ground and throw it in your face."