Marchers unlikely to be on rape trial jury

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People who attended the women's march in protest or follow Brittany Higgins on Twitter are likely to be excused as potential jury members in her case, a court has heard.

The trial of Bruce Lehrmann, who has pleaded not guilty to sexual intercourse without consent, is due to begin on October 4.

Chief Justice Lucy McCallum said she would need to ask any jury empanelled "to search their souls and see if they can be impartial".

Those who "support or champion" the cause would be unlikely to be empanelled, she told the ACT Supreme Court on Friday.

This includes if they attended a National Press Club speech delivered by Ms Higgins and Grace Tame or "any other event at which Ms Higgins has spoken".

Although, the reasons for attendance would be considered.

"If it was a security (officer) or journalist they wouldn't necessarily need to be excused," the chief justice said.

She noted the same would apply for any potential juror who leaned strongly the other way.

But she said there would be no shortage of potential jurors with the line likely to extend "out of the courtroom".