Margot Robbie's drunken night

Margot Robbie thought she had died after one of her first big award shows.

Back when the 29-year-old star was still an actress on Australian soap 'Neighbours', she attended the Logie Awards, which is the equivalent of the Emmys, and got so drunk that she passed out in the toilets and when she came to, Margot presumed she had died.

Speaking to chat show host Jimmy Kimmel, Margot explained: "The Logies are the funnest award shows ever. I haven't been for a decade now. It's like the wild west ... everyone gets absolutely hammered.

"People are drunk the next day going to work. You have to work the next morning after the Logies, we work year round, so people show up in their gowns, people show up still drunk.

"The second year I went, I got so drunk I passed out. It's held in a casino ... and I passed out in one of the toilet stalls and I woke up and I came out and it happened to be the one hour that the casino closes to clean.

"It was such a weird, surreal experience and there was no one around. For a second, in my drunken stage, I was like 'did I die? Is this purgatory? Am I in between heaven and hell right now?'"

However, Margot bumped into a cleaner who assured her she was alive.

The star revealed she then went to work and was looked after by the on-set nurse, with Margot joking: "Her busiest day is the day after [the Logie Awards]."

Meanwhile, Margot's 'Bombshell' co-star Charlize Theron recently revealed she very "impressed" by the younger actress and can see a lot of her own ambition reflected in the younger actress.

Charlize, 44, said: "Margot really impressed me. She reminds me a bit of myself in that she has a vast interest in wanting to explore different things. She's the heartbeat of the film."