Marie Osmond asks for prayers for newborn granddaughter

Marie Osmond is "asking for prayers" after her granddaughter was rushed to ICU.

The 'Paper Roses' singer has asked fans to keep her granddaughter in their thoughts after the little one - who is the daughter of Brianna Blosil Schwep and her husband Dave Schwep - was rushed to intensive care soon after her birth.

She wrote on Twitter: "Asking for prayers for my precious granddaughter born this evening 6lbs 10 ounces. So thankful she was able to be taken to children's ICU in one of our amazing @CMNHospitals #gratitude that she is in their care! (sic)"

Meanwhile, Marie - who also has Stephen, 35, Jessica, 31, Rachael, 29, Brandon, 22, Matthew, 19 and Abigail, 16 - previously dubbed her children as "the best things [she's] ever done".

She said: "They're so sweet. How many 16-year-olds tell you they love you? "It's hard when you have to work - I was the provider, so for my children to understand that and love me and care enough about me to say, 'Mom, you're going to die, we need you. Please lose the weight.' ...They went through a lot of tough stuff. They're survivors. They are the best things I've ever done, ever. They're all really hard workers and they are kind to each other and try really hard to be kind to people. Some of my kids are adopted and I can't remember which ones, but some of them are more like me than my biological and I'm like, 'I know why God sent you to me!'"