Marilyn Manson swapped breasts for Johnny Depp's wig

Johnny Depp owns Marilyn Manson's breasts.

The 53-year-old actor traded the strawberry-blonde wig he donned in 2003 movie 'Blow' for the prosthetics his close friend donned for the cover of his 1998 album 'Mechanical Animals', which depicted him as an androgynous figure with six fingers, airbrushed genitalia and an enhanced chest.

Manson revealed: "I did trade my breasts from 'Mechanical Animals' for Johnny's wig from 'Blow', and I have that sitting here."

Johnny's wig isn't the only unusual item that the 47-year-old rocker counts as his most treasures possessions.

He told The Daily Beast: "I have a one of a kind photograph of Salvador Dali that's very beautiful, and very important to me. I did get something cool.

"Because I'm such a fan of cinema, or some TV shows like 'True Detective' and 'Hannibal', I did get from Brooke Smith, the actress who played the girl in the well in 'Silence of the Lambs', she gave me the actual lotion bottle from 'it puts the lotion on its skin'. That's a very prized possession.

"I have a first edition signed Salvador Dali book that Johnny gave me as a Christmas gift - 'The Secret Death of Salvador Dali'."

And the 'Dope Show' singer is also attached to his taxidermy collection and loves looking for characteristics he shares with his stuffed animals.

He said: "I also like my taxidermy collection. I have three baboons -- they're looking at me right now. One has a stern look, the other is growling -- I usually try to figure out which one I am -- and a third one is sitting naked with his d**k out. I usually end up being that one."