Mark Wahlberg and Post Malone sneaked beer onto film set

Mark Wahlberg and Post Malone sneaked a beer onto the set of 'Spenser Confidential'.

The 48-year-old star appears opposite the 'Sunflower' rapper in the new Netflix thriller, and he admitted the musician wanted something to "calm the nerves" for his first ever acting gig.

Mark told 'Extra': "You know, he likes his Bud Light, and when he showed up to the set he thought, 'Well, I could just take a 12-pack.'

"You can't do that. We were able to sneak one in, in a Dunkin' Donuts cup... I got one in. It just was just to calm the nerves. It was the acting debut."

The pair were friends before they collaborated on screen, and Mark has revealed he actually convinced his pal to take his first steps into the world of Hollywood.

He added: "He and I were friends. We were hanging out at my house one night and he was just going on and on about how he wanted to die in a movie.

"And I was like, 'Well, I don't know about dying in it, but I'd like to see acting in a movie.' And I knew he could pull it off."

Mark - who produces the movie and stars as former Boston police officer Spenser - admitted Malone was "just magic" from the very first take, despite not even auditioning for his part.

The actor's own family - including kids Ella, 16, Michael, 13, Brendan, 11, and Grace, 10, with his wife Rhea Durham - are certainly impressed with him landing the rapper for his film debut.

He explained: "My oldest [daughter] is [a big fan], yes. Yeah. And my oldest son. Everybody in the family likes Post. But my daughter really liked the music."