Mark Wahlberg warned Post Malone against face tattoos

Mark Wahlberg tried to warn Post Malone about face tattoos.

The 48-year-old actor is no stranger to ink - although he later decided to laser them off - and he admitted he has had words with his 'Spenser Confidential' co-star about his own artwork from the perspective of his design regrets.

Speaking to James Corden on the 'Late Late Show', he said: "Yes I have [pulled him aside], and you know what, he's now since added more to his face.

"And I'm like, it's not the same sitting down, having a couple of beers, you know you could fall asleep, all of a sudden you wake up, it's one and done. This is like, it took me five years to get the tattoos removed. And it's dreadfully painful."

Mark - who revealed he previously had "eight or nine" tattoos around his neck, stomach, arms, leg and back - explained he wasn't able to get through the the 'Sunflower' hitmaker.

He added: "He says what every kid says, what I said when I got my tattoos. 'Oh no, no, no, they all have meaning. I'm going to keep them forever.'

"But then you realise, I'm pushing 40, I've gotta do something about this."

The actor's comments come after he admitted the pair sneaked a beer onto the set of their new Netflix movie to help Malone calm the nerves for his first role.

Mark said: "You know, he likes his Bud Light, and when he showed up to the set he thought, 'Well, I could just take a 12-pack.'

"You can't do that. We were able to sneak one in, in a Dunkin' Donuts cup... I got one in. It just was just to calm the nerves. It was the acting debut."

The pair were friends before they collaborated on screen, and Mark has revealed he actually convinced his pal to take his first steps into the world of Hollywood.

He added: "He and I were friends. We were hanging out at my house one night and he was just going on and on about how he wanted to die in a movie.

"And I was like, 'Well, I don't know about dying in it, but I'd like to see acting in a movie.' And I knew he could pull it off."