Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan to knock down £1.3m home

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan have submitted plans to knock down their £1.3 million home.

The 'Extra' star and the 'Our Girl' actress are keen to completely renovate their Essex farmhouse - which they purchased three months ago - and want to knock down the currently buildings and erect a brand new Georgian-style mansion in its place.

The four bedroom farmhouse was purchased by the couple in October but they are said to be keen to build it again from scratch to ensure it is exactly how they want it. It is expected to include a gym, a television room, a bar and a study. The grounds is also set to have an outdoor swimming pool whilst they have also submitted plans for a playroom, the Mail Online reports.

And the playroom will no doubt come in handy as Mark previously expressed his desire to have three or four kids with Michelle.

Speaking a couple of years ago, he said: "We say we're going to try [for a baby] every year but something comes up with work. So it'll be Michelle filming in South Africa and then I got the job in Los Angeles - so we think, right, we'll try next year. It'll be around December or January, we'll talk about it and we'll go from there. With kids, I used to want three or four. But now, I'm 31, we're not having kids any time before 32. I think we could have two or three. Twins would be great because you're getting two out of the way at once!"

Their jetsetting careers had caused issues for the couple's keenness to start a family but with Michelle having now quit 'Our Girl', which films in South Africa, she will be back with Mark.