Mark Wright opens up about cancer scare

Mark Wright says a cancer scare has made him more careful about his health.
The TV presenter had a benign 12cm lump removed from his armpit at the end of 2021 and Mark, 35, admitted it was a wake-up call.
He told The Mirror: "I wouldn't say I'm a hypochondriac but I definitely always get checks. If I ever feel anything's not completely right, I'll go and get it checked out.
"But it has scared me because it makes you feel you're not immortal. You always think: 'Ah yes, it's not going to happen to me'. And then when something like that happens, it does give you a bit of a fear."
And, although he was given the all-clear, Mark still suffers from side-effects from the surgery.
He said: "Where it was where the operation was, there was a lot of nerves and nerve endings there so they had to be really careful and that's why it had to be so particularly done.
"I chose my surgeon wisely because you can really mess the nerves up and, to be fair, even now down on my forearm, my skin stings a little bit.
"And I have weird sensations and pins and needles sometimes. It's fine now but when the first month to two months, it was really painful so I actually had to just come away from the gym and just watch my diet more."
Mark - who is married to Michelle Keegan - previously admitted he was feeling "low" after the ordeal.
He said: "I've had the worry and the anxiety about what this could have been, and just staying in and recovering just leaving me feeling a little bit low and not very motivated."