'Married At First Sight UK' fans brand Morag a 'stirrer' for underwhelming Josh reveal

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Pictured: Morag
Morag made an anticlimactic reveal about Josh. (Channel 4)

Married At First Sight UK fans have called out Morag for stirring up trouble between Amy and Josh with an anticlimactic reveal about his alleged shady behaviour.

In Thursday night's episode, the group split into two for girls' and boys' days out, but a chat between the wives about how their relationships were going turned sour when Morag told Amy she felt that there was something about Josh she needed to share.

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After poking at why Josh wouldn't show more affection and hearing Amy defend her husband, Morag made a dramatic declaration that there was something she had to say - but viewers called her "a stirrer", claiming that Josh having messaged her on social media a year earlier was a non-issue.

Morag said: "I’m really sorry, there’s something I’m going to have to bring up to you today. I didn't want to mention it because I didn't want to plant that seed of doubt. It was going to come out at some point.

Pictured: Joshua and Amy.
Josh has been matched with Amy. (Channel 4)

"Last year, Josh may have added me, sent me a message multiple times, liked multiple of my photos. I’m sorry I didn’t mention it. I didn’t want you to be worried."

Amy told her: "But he doesn't even like blondes."

Morag added that she had told her own partner Luke of the coincidence immediately and began to question Amy over why Josh had not been "transparent and honest" with her.

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But confused viewers pointed out that Josh probably couldn't remember something he'd done a year ago.

One fan tweeted: "Morag hun was that it? Josh liked a photo of yours? Only mentioned it to stir the pot and deflect from yourself."

Someone else asked: "I really don't get the issue with Josh liking Morag's picture? It was before he entered the show? And he may genuinely not remember or it could just not be relevant like how does it pertain to his feelings/relationship with Amy?"

Pictured: Amy and Joshua.
Amy has been questioing how much Josh likes her. (Channel 4)

Another viewer added: "I really think the Morag/Josh messaging “scandal” is a non-event. If he remembered maybe he could have said to Amy he knew Morag, but otherwise, so what?"

Others agreed, with one viewer tweeting: "Morag babe Josh hasn't told her cos he probably doesnt remember."

Another person wrote: "Wait, when did she say this happened? Last year?! When Josh didn’t even know who Amy was? Josh probably forgot Morag! Why did she feel the need to bring up a message from a year ago?!?! Seriously Morag is a total stirrer."

Pictured: Expert Charlene Douglas, Luke and Morag.
Morag is matched with Luke, but says Josh contacted her previously. (Channel 4)

Other drama from the day out included a row between Megan and Alexis over the kiss with Jordon, with Alexis storming off in tears at one point as Megan told the group she was sick of apologising for the same thing.

At the boys' day out, Megan's husband Bob was left in an awkward position when the group was asked who they would least like to be married to and all of them chose Megan, giving her cheating as a reason.

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